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2013  Mark Ryden YHWH custom Exhibition (Los Angeles)
2013  group exhibition Geeky Glamorous show (Los Angeles)
2013  group exhibition transformer effusion Drawing Exhibition Shinjukugannkagarou Gallery (Tokyo)
2013  Star Trek Show Q POP Gallery (Los Angeles)
2013  Cospa × pixiv Graphig Exhibition pixiv Zingaro (Tokyo)
2012  Glass Cinder & Thorns II 323east Gallery Group Exhibition (Royal Oak)
2012  SCARY GIRL 10 Anniversary Group Exhibition (New York)
2012  ”MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012″ New York SWEET STREETS Group Exhibition (New York)
2012 Storage Exhibition “Memories Are Made of This” Munky King Gallery of the time of the 2012 children (Los Angeles)
2012  Group Exhibition “trans effusion” Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery (Tokyo)
2012  retrospective “TOUMA & FRIENDS: 10TH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION” Munky King (Los Angeles)
2012  Magician create a CUTE Japanese – Kawaii” 2012 Exhibition (Australia / Sanihiruzu)
2012  ”MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012″ Toy Art Gallery (Los Angeles)
2012  LYRIC Curated by Glenn Bar 323east Gallery (Royal Oak)
2012  Group Exhibition “Unknown possibility 08″ shinjyuku ganka garou (Tokyo)
2011  SWEET STREETS 2011 Exhibitionin WWA Gallery (Los Angeles)
2011 Super Sentai Exhibition 2011 KAMEN RIDER VS SUPER SENTAI Anniversary Exhibition Rider (Los Angeles)
2011  dragatomi’s plush-o-rama ~ stuffed Exhibition ~ Dragatomi (Los Angeles)
2011  HERBEST Exhibition / ubeful, Hidari zingaro (Nakano)
2011  ”Crowded Teeth” Exhibition “CROWDED TEETH: A SWEET GROUP SHOW”
2011  Munky King Melrose (Los Angeles / Melrose)
2011  Ice cream Exhibition 2011 exhibition and “Kittens and Icecream” cat
2011  JapanLA’s 5th Anniversary Exhibition. (Los Angeles)
2011  “Magical Girls” – Art Inspired by Shoujo Manga ExhibitionShibuya Girls Pop
2011  Group exhibition Meltdown Comics (San Francisco)
2011  “Sapporo Snow Festival, Hatsune Miku exhibition”
62nd Sapporo Snow Festival * pixiv × Kaikai Kiki Gallery (Hokkaido/Japan)
2010  ”wassyoi ♯” 0000 Gallery (Kyoto)
2010  joint exhibition Hidari Zingaro (Tokyo/Japan)
2010  “wassyoi +” 0000gallery (Kyoto/Japan)
2010 Group Exhibition Bi li ken Shokai (Tokyo/Japan)
2008  OSAKA Art and handmade Exhibition (Osaka/Japan)


2013  Kawaii! Cute Japan’s Culture of Cute ~! Culture of Japan – interview
2013   Illustration 2013 Sotec Co.
2012   Tokyo graffiti # 091! Art 260!
2011   Hi-Fructose Magazine, Daily Candy ”Kittens and Icecream”
2011   VOGUE ITALI Kittens and Ice Cream


2013  MARS16 × chikuwa Emil 145th Single Parker
2012  MARS16 × chikuwaemil 144th Single Parker
2012  MARS16 × chikuwaemil 144th Single Tote
2012  MARS16 × chikuwaemil 144th Single T-shirt black design
2012  MARS16 × chikuwaemil 144th Single T-shirt white design
2012  Supe~ido lounge @ Osaka Shinsaibashi Dear Cafe (Osaka) Live Paint
2012  “The name Supe~ido (THE LADY SPADE)” paint costume design
2011  “Hatsune Miku Append – Symphorien Philia” illustration production
Composed in 2011 south boiled “love song snow – a Wonder of Aisya” PV production
2011  Dragatomi Exhibition (Los Angeles) stuffed toy design
2011  Hiroshima neo live events vol.1 Poster Design
2011  pixiv official art book “pixiv ART WORKS Solid State Square” work published
“The girl stared at the frog” CD cover design 2011 39 Metropolitan Avenue
2011  Sheng Dai bookstore postcards collection plan “SHIBUYA GIRLS POP”
2007  pastry studio sweet river poster design, billboards, design
2013  MARS16 × chikuwa Emil 145th Single Parker
2005  characters Town Character Pal Original Character Design Excellence Award